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Sagami Original 0.02 non-latex condoms are only 0.02mm (20 microns) thick, approximately one third the thickness of a standard latex condom – ultrathin for heightened sensitivity with the strength of polyurethane for protection.


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Heat Transfer: The Hotter, The Better

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Condoms are a great way to protect yourself and your partner against a wide array of sex-related headaches, from sexually transmitted diseases to unwanted pregnancies.

But there’s this one question on many people’s minds: how can I maximize pleasure even when I use a condom?

Two words: heat transfer.

Now the thing about regular latex condoms is that they are relatively thick. Some condoms are even as thick as 0.10 millimeters. That might not sound much on paper, but that translates to a layer of latex that can get between you and a really enjoyable night with your partner.

The reason why this material dilutes the sexual experience is because its poor heat transfer capabilities gets in the way of the sensations involved in sex. The nerves on the head and body of a man’s penis simply can’t pass on sensations if there is a layer of material that prevents the accurate transmission of heat and pressure.

This is where ultrathin condoms come into the picture.

Ultrathin condoms are condoms less than 0.04 millimeters in thickness. There are even condom manufacturers that offer pieces just 0.02 millimeters thick.

This thinness allows sensations to be felt more naturally because less material gets in the way, especially when it comes to heat transfer. It takes longer for heat to pass through thicker condoms, delaying the transmission of sensations from each thrust and grind.

By contrast, ultrathin condoms provide much less of a barrier to this transfer of heat. This makes sex much, much more enjoyable for both the man and woman - especially for the man whose penis receives sensations almost as rapidly as if her were not wearing any condom at all.

But it is not just the thinness of the condom that plays a part here. The material composition of the condom affects the transfer of heat as well.

Latex has this thick, rubbery texture to it that hampers the transmission of heat and pressure. The rough surface of latex also feels very unnatural and can distract both man and woman from the innate pleasures of sex. This is one of the reasons why many men (and even some women) shy away from condom use, as they claim it just doesn’t feel right.

Polyurethane condoms, on the other hand, have a more texture-neutral feel to them - especially when properly lubricated with a silicone-based lube. The material is much more durable than latex and allows for thinner condoms to be constructed. It is so durable that certain brands flaunt their polyurethane condoms being able to withstand three times the bursting pressure of their latex counterparts. Oh, and polyurethane is also much smoother than latex, making it invaluable for enhancing sensitivity during sex.

This essentially means that polyurethane condoms feel much less intrusive when worn over an erect penis, making sex much more pleasurable for both partners.

Here’s another bit of interesting trivia concerning polyurethane: it is the same material used when making an artificial heart.

This is because polyurethane interacts so naturally with the human body that it invokes no allergic responses whatsoever. So not only is it better than latex when it comes to heat transfer (and the resulting pleasurable sensations involved), but it also solves the problems for men and women that have allergic reactions to ordinary latex condoms.

Now before you go around buying ultrathin polyurethane condoms, it is important that you work with a licensed dealer of brands with a reputable history.

The last thing you want to do is work with a novelty store or some shady online auctioneer. Ultrathin condoms may be better at transferring heat compared to ordinary condoms, but all that will be for naught if you buy subpar condoms that don’t meet FDA standards.


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