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Sagami Original 0.02 non-latex condoms are only 0.02mm (20 microns) thick, approximately one third the thickness of a standard latex condom – ultrathin for heightened sensitivity with the strength of polyurethane for protection.


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Sagami Rubber Industries were the first condom manufacturer in the world to release a coloured, dotted condom, and also the first to produce a condom that adjusts to the pH inside a Vagina.

The consistency and focus on Sagami’s condom business was further demonstrated by the release of the thinnest condom ever, Sagami Original 0.02, only 0.02 mm thinness. As a result of thorough review of material and research over 30 years, Sagami was able to make a condom from special polyurethane – the Sagami Original. Soon after its release Sagami Original became one of the top brands in Japan due to the natural feel, which is totally different from other condoms. Popularity of Sagami"s polyurethane condoms has already spread to France, Switzerland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Korea, Vietnam, Mexico, USA, Hong Kong, Indonesia and now they are available in Australia.

Sagami will continue to provide higher quality and unique products and services to meet the requirements of consumers and business partners.


Company Historical Timeline

  1. 1934: Introduced latex condoms for the first time in Japan

  2. 1970: Joint Venture company was established in Malaysia

  3. 1992: The factory acquired ISO 9002 (now upgraded to ISO 13485-2000)

  4. 1997: Factory for producing polyurethane condom was built in Malaysia

  5. 2002: Sale of Sagami polyurethane condoms commenced in overseas markets


History of Polyurethane Condoms

  1. 1964: Commencement of R&D into the creation of a polyurethane condom

  2. 1996: Commencement of building the factory in Malaysia

  3. 2000: Commencement of sales of Sagami polyurethane condoms in Japan

  4. 2002: Commencement of sales of Sagami polyurethane condoms in overseas markets

  5. 2004: Commencement of sales of Sagami Original 0.02 in Japan

  6. 2006 - Present: Commencement of sales of Sagami Original 0.02 in Global Markets


Instantron Pty Ltd is the authorised sole distributor of Sagami in Australia and New Zealand


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